Meet The Team

Michael Levitt


An Emmy nominated showman who specializes in unforgettable, innovative series and specials, Michael Levitt has emerged as one of the industry's most sought after producers of live event and unscripted programming. His Hollywood-based production company, Michael Levitt Productions, has become a tried and true creative factory for prime time hits of every kind.

Levitt's track record in creating annual franchises, memorable one-off live events, and successful reality series is a testament to his love of what he does, and his dedication in giving viewers the most magical pop culture moments while providing talent with the best possible showcase.

When he's not producing shows, Levitt works tirelessly with animal shelters, and non-profits to place rescue dogs in homes. His own beloved pit bull terriers, Trooper and Nelson, both rescued from dire situations are the mascots for Michael Levitt Productions, as well as dedicated and well-behaved viewers of his work.

Adam Hutson


A native of Tennessee and graduate of Pepperdine University's business management program, Adam has worked in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. He began his career as an intern on the Roseanne Barr talk show in 1999. In 2000, Adam moved on to a family of production companies that specialized in Award Shows and other televised live events. Here, he rose to serve as Business Manager and Chief Operating Officer for the in-house operations as well as some other leading producers in the field.

Building upon this experience, Adam used his passion for getting things done and love of building relationships to create Hutson Company. Launched in 2015, Hutson Company manages the business side of productions, enabling clients to concentrate on creating and growing instead of getting weighed down with the day-to-day concerns of running a business. The operation is built on the foundation of customer service and focuses on the well-being of the individuals that make up the entertainment industry, not just number-crunching and paperwork.

A cornerstone of Hutson Company's business philosophy is Adam's belief in giving back. A portion of all profits from Hutson Company are donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and San Diego Zoo Global.