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At Michael Levitt Productions, we put everything we’ve got into each of our annual franchises, one-off live events and reality series. Humor, fun, surprise and heart are at the core of our philosophy for crafting unforgettable, innovative shows for a diverse range of audiences, across every kind of network and platform.

We are passionate fans of unscripted content and its power to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages. As a result, we are always excited to work closely with our partners to make the kind of specials and series we all want to see and experience.

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  • Sorry Westminster, American Rescue Dog Show Wins Because it Encourages Adoption and Has Award Categories like “Best in Belly Rubs”

    One Green Planet   |   02/19/2020

    In our opinion, the American Rescue Dog Show is better than the Westminster Dog Show for one important reason — it encourages pet adoption! The Westminster Dog Show aims to find the best dog per breed and focuses on purebred dogs. Most of the dogs come from breeders and the idea is that a purebred dog is the closest to perfection. But there are so many dogs in need of homes, many of which are not purebred. As the introduction to the American Rescue Dog Show says: “Who needs papers when you’re an original, one of a kind dog?”

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  • Make Room for Mutts: Meet the 10 Winners of 2020's American Rescue Dog Show

    Better Homes & Gardens   |   02/20/2020

    Sure, I tuned in to the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show earlier this month and celebrated all the adorable winners. But earlier this week, I fell equally as in love with the mischievous mutts competing in Hallmark Channel's third-annual American Rescue Dog Show. Instead of being judged on physical appearance, obedience, and athletic skill, these pups were awarded titles like "Best in Snoring," "Best Couch Potato," and "Best in Wiggling." And best of all? All the very good boys and girls had previously been adopted from animal rescues and shelters.

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  • Meet the Second Group of Gorgeous Shelter Dog Winners for the 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

    People   |   02/18/2020

    Hallmark Channel’s 3rd annual American Rescue Dog Show Presented by Pedigree is a wrap, and this group of winners might be the show’s cutest batch yet. The American Rescue Dog Show is a canine competition filled with adorable pooch participants adopted from animal rescues and shelters. The entire event is a celebration of the amazing animals available for pet parents at shelters and rescues across the country.

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